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Beat the Competition: SSI Disability Marketing

Beat the Competition: SSI Disability Marketing

Every year, millions of Americans file for Social Security Disability Insurance, whether due to an injury on the job, a severe medical condition, or some other medical issue that prevents them from working. Also every year, up to 53% of all SSD cases are denied, either due to lack of information or errors in the application process. That means that over half of all disability cases are appealed, which means a lot of hours spent trying to overturn denials. So what does that mean for a social security disability lawyer? It means a lot of potential clients. But, how can your law firm stand out among the glut of attorneys that all specialize in SSD law? Simple, follow these three steps.

Get Active in Your Community
When it comes to finding new clients, a personal approach is much more preferential to a blanket marketing campaign that targets anyone and everyone. Take the time to reach out to local community organizations. Whether it’s a rotary club or even a clinic, make connections with potential clients that go above and beyond a commercial or ad. Especially when dealing with something as serious as a disability claim, clients want to feel as if their case matters, and they are much more willing to sign with a lawyer that cares about them, rather than the money.

Stay Active Online
Community marketing can be an effective way to get your firm’s name out there locally, but to really enhance your marketing techniques, you need to get online. Social media marketing and blogging are two proven ways to attract new cases while also demonstrating your ability to close deals and make your client’s lives better. Ideally, you will merge your in-person marketing and your online presence by promoting how much you stay active in the community and showcasing local cases that your firm has won, especially if they were appeals. Maintaining an informative blog is another way to generate inbound marketing, where clients come to you.

Utilize Online Ad Services
To further help your law firm brand itself and expand its marketing outreach, you should take advantage of any ad services that are available, such as Google Ads or Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. The way it works is that you only pay for the number of leads generated, rather than a flat rate for posting an ad and hoping for the best. PPC advertising is a fantastic way to both cut down on your marketing costs while also ensuring that you get new leads since the site hosting your ad has a financial incentive to create tangible results. Overall, PPC marketing can have a much greater impact than traditional advertising and will lead to more clients for your firm.

Overall, the key to a good marketing strategy is to stay active and stay on top of it. Also, be sure to monitor what aspects of your campaign are working and adjust as needed. If your Facebook profile is not generating leads no matter what you do, then shift focus to your blog or PPC ads. You don’t want to waste time trying to make something work when there are more profitable avenues that you can try.

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