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Internet Advertising: Six Mistakes To Avoid

Standing out in the realm of internet advertising can be tricky, but with the majority of households having access to the internet on either a computer or a smartphone, it’s the right choice, especially for organizations like law firms or personal attorneys. This article will walk you through the biggest mistakes advertisers make, and how to avoid them.

1. Failing to have clear campaign goals 
In order to execute a successful internet marketing campaign, you need to set out with clear goals in mind. Do you want to measure success by new sales or by newsletter subscriptions? Are your analytics the defining factor of achieving your goal, or is it all about ROI? If you don’t set clear goals in advance, you are robbing your marketing of the focus it needs to be successful.

2. Inaccurate market targeting
With the plethora of excellent online content, you need to make sure that you are promoting your content to the right demographic group at the correct time. As digital communication channels continue to become crowded with advertising, your ads and content need to consider more than just social targeting, but also purchase intent and events that are relevant to your products and service.

3. Forgetting to employ a customer centered approach
Marketing that is not tailored to clients on a personal level is not going to be effective. Clients want to know how your product or service is going to improve their lives or increase their overall happiness. Not possessing a customer-centered mindset cuts you off from assessing the wants and needs of your customer base, you are going to close fewer sales and see fewer repeat buys.

4. Overlooking mobile devices
More and more people use their smartphone or tablet to access the internet instead of their computer. Smart marketers are going to find ways of adapting their advertising to shape a better mobile internet experience, thereby reaching reaching an even wider audience than just typical computer users.

5. Not properly implementing social media
Too many marketers ignore the fact that social media is a space for conversation and engagement, not just a broadcasting platform. Establishing a give and take with your customer base via social media through comments, hashtag campaigns, and photo contests will show far more gains from social media than simple tweet blasts on a regular schedule.

6. Lack of communication with the sales team
Always ask your sales team for input. They are going to know what leads generated are going to generate sales, and which leads are most likely not going to pay out in the end. It is essential for marketing to meet with the sales team at least monthly.

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