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Internet vs. Physical Advertising – What you need to know

Attorneys and law firms don’t have a one size fits all package for their clients. Each person they represent has unique situations and needs. The same goes for advertising – there are vast differences between physical advertising and internet advertising, each of which requires consideration when developing a marketing campaign.

Physical advertising covers a wide variety of media, including print and broadcast advertising, word of mouth, catalogs, brochures, billboards, and more. Physical advertising appeals to at least one of the audience’s five senses. There is definite value to print and outside advertising, in that many businesses see significant rewards from their print campaigns. However, the upfront cost of printing can be a hindrance – especially when there is an even larger audience online.

In 2015 almost 66 percent of Americans owned a smartphone, and nearly one in five relied on that phone for services, information, and connection, through both the Internet and calling features. Law firms wanting to reach many of these smartphone owners are finding that Internet attorney advertising is the way to go.

To ensure that your marketing time and budget are well spent, it’s important to note some of the key differences when advertising on the Internet.

Keyword Optimization
Individuals who are looking for information online find themselves at a search engine, typing in questions or bits and pieces of something they have heard previously. These sentence fragments are often keywords, and learning how to use them to your benefit will increase the odds of a successful Internet campaign.

Regularly discovering new keyword opportunities is leading component in understanding your audience, writing and tailoring your content to your users, gauging the traffic potential and encouraging quality traffic to visit your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Learning to optimize your keywords can lead to search engine optimization, a process that ranks returned responses based on potentially relevant Web sites. The marketing teams for these top-ranking responses have researched the primary keywords being used to find their content and learned to incorporate these keywords on their site.

Marketing specialists like DL Marketing can help disability attorneys, Social Security lead generation firms, and others include these tools in their marketing plans, and can introduce lawyers to other Internet-specific tools like pay-per-click, banner ads, social media, and e-mail campaigns. Working with a marketing firm can help your company build a multi-faceted approach that will optimize your keywords and your marketing budget.

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