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Marketing Yourself as a SSI Disability Attorney

Disability attorneys. Every state in our country needs them, and each state has plenty of them to choose from. With this in mind, what can you do as an SSI disability attorney to make your name stick out from the long list of options? What ideas and strategies can your firm put into use that keep your clients happy and new client interviews coming in? Here is a list of five suggestions that can create a tremendous effect between your firm and others

If you are going to represent someone who is relying upon Social Security benefits in order to survive, chances are that they will not want to spend money up front, especially not knowing how long a wait might be in front of them. Take the case with the understanding that there is no charge unless benefits are received, and use that as a marketing tool. This will also help you invest your time more wisely in deciding which cases to represent.

If you want your name to stand out and be in the mind of potential clients, advertise your stats as far as the percentage of cases you have had approved and how many of them have received full benefits. Even if there are firms with higher numbers, your honesty about the matter will stick out and attract attention to your firm’s name.

Once a client has chosen you and you have decided to represent them, keep them informed. They are probably dealing with enough stress during the wait as it is. Set aside a few minutes every other week to call your clients or have a secretary handle the matter. Even if there is no change in status to report, call and let them know so their trust will be at ease with your involvement in the case.

Be proud of what your name stands for in your community. You want your potential clients to feel assured that you can be trusted both in and out of the courtroom. Don’t do anything in private that you would be ashamed of in private. Strong morals go a long way in attracting people to your name.

Most importantly, if you tell a client or potential client that you are going to do something, make sure that it gets done. If you want to be remembered above other attorneys than act differently than they do.

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