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Standing Out: How to Make a Disability Attorney TV Commercial That Gets Results

Standing Out: How to Make a Disability Attorney TV Commercial That Gets Results

Advertising on television remains one of the best ways to reach a broad, captive audience who might be in need of your services — especially if you are a disability attorney looking to reach customers who have been denied disability or don’t know if they are eligible. With so much technology available, it can be tempting to pull out a smartphone and start recording, but using some of the best practices can help you make an effective TV commercial for your disability law firm.

4 Key Tips for an Effective Disability Attorney TV Commercial

Disability Attorney TV Commercial
1. Be prepared

To get the widest reach, look at your commercial as a chance to tell a 15- to 30-second story. The most effective ads are the ones that get right to the point and give customers a clear idea of the product or service, how the service will help them, and how to acquire the service. A call-to-action, with phone numbers or Web sites, should be placed prominently on the screen.

2. Use the opportunity increase brand awareness

The most recognizable ads are the ones that include common elements, from specific colors and taglines to background graphics and music. Decide what your brand represents, and use your commercial to become a well-know television presence.

3. Keep your commercial simple

Your practice might specialize in a variety of different disability law subcategories. Don’t try to fit them all into one commercial. Each spot should be focused on a specific target audience and designed to reach the demographics of its members.

4. Don’t take the easy way out

Don’t look for the lowest-cost firm, look for a marketing firm with experience in disability law and a track record of creating proven ads that get results for its clients.

What Not to Do When Creating your Disability Attorney TV Commercial

You wouldn’t see a pilot about building a house — so don’t try and make your ad on your own. As a disability lawyer, your skills are needed by a vast group of people, and it’s important to find a professional who can help you reach those individuals.

We specialize in helping law firms reach their potential clients. With pre-written scripts, taglines, and a turnkey system that takes you through production into rate negotiations and assessing your ads effectiveness, DL Marketing should be your first call when you want to make a television ad. Contact us today to learn more.

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