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3 Reasons why Attorneys Need Marketing Agencies

The internet has changed marketing in a fundamental sense, and in many ways has made marketing more democratic and accessible for DIYaholics. But as an attorney, it is still in your best interest to hire a marketing agency to handle your SEO and PPC needs. Here are three undeniable reasons why all attorneys can still benefit from working with a marketing agency to handle internet marketing needs.

1. The Stakes are High
Internet marketing is beautiful for the same reason it can be dangerous for your practice: ANYONE can get discovered with the right website and content. Especially in the legal field, where many people don’t look for an attorney until they need one, marketing that leads to clients discovering your services is absolutely essential. The stakes of marketing in the internet age are so high.

If a potential client hits the web and searches for an attorney in their area, and some one’s name other than yours comes up, you’ve likely lost business. A marketing agency will work with you to optimize your website and content’s SEO, or search engine optimization, rating, which in turn will assure that your name appears higher in search results. Which means it will be more likely to cross paths with your potential customers. The stakes are this high, and a marketing agency will help you go the extra mile.

2. Outbound Marketing Still Matters

Besides being relevant, outbound marketing isn’t very intuitive. Compared to inbound marketing, where clients land on your page after searching for relevant terms on a search engine, outbound marketing revolves around getting your name to connect with potential clients as they go about their general internet browsing. While there are some services that have made running outbound ads easier for non-marketing professionals, if your ads aren’t designed well, it’s likely that your outbound marketing efforts will be a waste of money. Consulting with a marketing agency will assure that your ads work.

3. Your Time is Valuable
Yes, almost anyone can learn some of the fundamentals necessary to market in the internet age decently. But marketing well is still something that takes a lot of knowledge, is highly nuanced, and sees huge returns on the margins. You could spend months or years learning how to market your practice well, but as an attorney there are other things you can and should be doing to help grow your practice. Consulting a marketing agency not only leads to the best results, it lets you spend your time elsewhere.

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