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3 Reasons Why Fresh Content is Crucial for Attorney SEO

As internet marketing has grown in popularity, attorneys have taken to websites, apps, and social media platforms to advertise their services. The ubiquity of the internet means that attorneys can reach out to clients across the nation instead of in just one area, and that there may be hundreds of competitors even in one geographic location.

With all of this expansion remains the difficulty of how to be noticed among all of the thousands of online advertisers that an internet user experiences every day; one solution is to receive a higher ranking in search results. Organic search results are listings of results in response to search queries on search engines such as Google and Bing, and the goal is to receive a better placement: to be the first result that viewers see when they type in a few key words. The way to get there is through providing new, original content for a website, blog, or Facebook page and updating this frequently and consistently. Take a look at these three reasons that fresh content is so important.

1. Your content is ranked higher.
Organic search results are ranked partially by relevance to users; the more times that internet users click a link in response to their search query, the higher that link is ranked. If your content hasn’t been updated in a while, but your competitors have been consistently producing new articles and posts, your advertising will be lost among the sea of attorneys all providing the same service. However, if you provide new content every few days or even every week, users will find your information more applicable and thus will direct themselves to your website after a search query – ensuring that you stay high up in the rankings.

2. You set yourself apart from your competitors.
If the content that you provide is not only new, but is also original, users are more likely to click on it when they have a specific search query that uses keywords that your competitors may not have. Optimize your content to include these key words, and work to develop content that your competitors aren’t covering; then, when users search for this, your website won’t have to compete with hundreds of others because it will already be unique.

3. You stay relevant. 
Producing new content ensures that your site doesn’t get lost among the flood of information and advertising that the internet provides. More content means more chances to hit a correct keyword that users are looking for, and puts you higher up on the rankings as a result.

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