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6 strategies to reduce your law firm’s cost per click in AdWords

When you’re spending money on your marketing campaign for your law firm, it’s important to use the most effective tools and strategies possible. When you pick a company to work with, it’s important to pick the right one. This company should be specialized in paid marketing for law firms in order for you to get the most out of them. Adwords is one of the tools that you will probably be using it as part of your marketing campaign. Because of this, you should know strategies in order to reduce the cost per click when using this service.

Law firm’s cost per click in AdWords

6 strategies to reduce your law firm’s cost per click in AdWords

1. Pay attention to what you use for landing pages
When you choose your landing pages with care, you will also be providing more relevant results for people doing searches. Your ad should coincide with a specific landing page. This will help reduce the amount of work that the both the search engine and the person searching need to do to find what they need.

2. Choose key words carefully.
It’s important to choose keywords carefully. You should avoid generic keywords . Reduce bids for these keywords. By focusing on more specific keywords, you will be able to attract the right people to your website.

3. Use Modified Broad Match.
This allows you to be more specific in the instances that your ad comes up in searches. If you put a plus sign before a word, Google will only match with searches containing that specific word.

4. Long tail keywords are cheaper.
Longer keywords are cheaper to bid on. You may tend to focus on higher volume keywords, but you should also look into these longer keywords. These also attract more specific visitors and could potentially increase your conversion rate as well.

5. Use the Site links ad extension.
This helps people find what they need just with one click. This also increases the relevancy of the ads that search performers find.

6. Use the phone number extension in your ads.
When someone clicks on the call button in your ad, it costs the same as a per click. The added benefit is that you will be able to talk to these people directly and this could increase conversion rates as well.

The strategies above can be great help when working with AdWords. You may also wish to talk to your marketing company about strategy as well. You take advantage of the advice with paid marketing for law firms. Contact us for more information.