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How Can Media Relations Help My Law Firm?

How Can Media Relations Help My Law Firm?

If you’re looking to increase awareness about your law firm, you should consider media relations. It is obvious that clients are influenced by what they read while browsing the internet or what they read in the newspaper, or even hear on the radio on their way to work. By taking advantage of this law firm marketing strategy, you can also share your story about yourself and your law firm. This can increase your credibility as a lawyer and receive positive publicity from your community.

If you want to attract the press and others listening or reading, it should be through what you have to say. Using the media to put yourself and your business out there can be tricky because your story or words can get twisted at times. Here are some tips that will guide you in using the media as a positive opportunity to receive more attention and gain more of an audience.

  1. Know your audience’s interest: Before you start using the media, know your audience. You want them to be interested in what you’re saying and focus on what they want to hear. You will increase this opportunity for success if there are benefits to your story and using your law of practice.
  2. Use examples: People like when they hear stories they can relate to. Providing real-life examples can show off your expertise and let people know how it has helped others and what you have done that has worked.
  3. Get to know the media source you are using: Do your research based on the publication or radio station you are going to be on. What type of people are viewing or listening to this? Find out what the audience finds important and pay attention to the tone of the media source.
  4. Be consistent and have an agenda: Clarify deadlines and focus on what the topic will be about. You want to make sure you have organized thoughts and you have talking points so that your direction doesn’t go off-topic. Focus on what words you are saying and the context you are in because anything can be quoted.
  5. Try not to use legal jargon: You want people to feel like they can listen to you and not have to look up words. Using too much legal jargon and make one feel intimidated. Keep the language familiar and if needed, you can explain certain words or concepts.
  6. Take the direction: All of those focus points that you organized, make sure you make all of those. You don’t want to sell yourself or your audience short. Find an opportunity to present all of those points constructively and don’t throw too much at your audience.

Everyone has a story and everyone wants to listen if they can relate. Use that and turn it into valuable information that can help you grow your business and clientele. Every story is worth telling if it means someone can relate to it. Take a step forward in law firm marketing and increase your audience in no time.