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How to Effectively Use AdWords to Generate Personal Injury Leads

How to Effectively Use AdWords to Generate Personal Injury Leads

When using pay-per-click — PPC — there are a lot of factors that need to be considered during this advertising and lead generation tactics. If you do the appropriate research and plan accordingly to your law firm, you can figure out the cost as well as the number of leads you have receive at that cost. Using Google AdWords is a popular way to generate personal injury leads. With AdWords, you can niche down your search and find the most valuable leads out there. Here are some ways you can improve your use of AdWords.

Focus on negative words in your campaign

Something that most people tend to neglect is the search query report that is available in AdWords. The search query report shows all the searches that have set off your ad to be shown. This not only helps dictate how your potential clients are searching for your service, but also can help you determine keywords that you do not want to set off your ads.

Creating new ads to go against your most successful ads

Results show very quickly when you are using targeting keywords for your ads. Because of this, you can gather data quickly, and use this for testing purposes. You can create several variations of tests and set them up against your highest-performing ad to have a variety of landing pages. Since personal injury is a competitive niche, so even making the smallest changes to improve your performance can help in a big way.

Create a landing page with a quality experience

What Google takes into consideration with AdWords is developing an experience with an ads landing page. This is critical to your ad because this is where visitors are brought once they click through the ad. You should make sure they your landing page is receiving a quality score because you want to increase your traffic. It is a waste of your money and time if you have a successful ad, but an unappealing landing page that drives visitors away.

Test out all of your keyword matches

A recurring issue is that people fail to test all matches of the keywords they are aiming for. Most of the time, they are completely different CPDs from different match types and you will be unaware of their effectiveness because you are not testing them. You should be building a negative keyword list, like mentioned previously because this will filter out the words that create less traffic.

Put time into increasing your quality score

A combination of your ad, keywords you are using, and your landing page, will all be evaluated, giving you your quality score. If you receive a high-quality score, you will get low CPCs and your ad will be higher in the search results, which is the end goal. This is scored 1 out of 10 and should be your primary focus when using AdWords. Your main priority should be improving your quality score, especially if you want to drive your CPCs down.

Lower your bids

If you go into your AdWords account, you will be able to manually lower your bids. This is the most simple way to lower your cpc. If you are doing everything else correctly, you will be able to get your clicks for a lower price.

If you are effectively running your campaign in AdWords as a lead generation source, there will be no competition for you. When you run your campaign, focus on the minor details because they will be the most effective for your law firm.