Lead Generation

Guaranteed Ways to Create Your Own Great Lead Generation

So, you have a legal firm. And it has a substantial number of clients with different concerns. But, you need more clients. You need to outpace your peers in the market. Because you compete with several legal firms in your city, it’s a good idea to look for a reliable tool that can help you reach out to qualified leads.

Many attorneys these days rely on lead generation companies for their business. Unfortunatley there is a downside to oursourcing your lead generation to a large lead selling company. First of all, the lead generation companies do not provide any branding for your firm. Second of all, many lead generation companies sell poor quality leads or refer leads to multiple attorneys. Lead generation companies do not use any special tactics in generating cases, and these tactics can be easily replicated on your own. Lead generation companies use paid search advertising and SEO efforts to generate leads and then resell them at a higher rate to participating attorneys.

There is a great alternative to hiring a large lead generation company. Start your own branded lead generation campaign using the same tactics as the lead companies. To effectively generate cases at the lowest possible cost per case, you should include paid advertising such as google PPC ads, as well as video ads, and SEO work.

More individuals know that the Internet gives them a faster, less demanding, and more reliable technique for finding a lawyer, contrasting with prior methods. Word of mouth is great, but it’s not guaranteed that your friends and family are going to know great lawyers.

So, make sure your law firm has a great website. Update it frequently, so your customers will be updated about your firm, and will trust the website.

Optimize your website for communication. You can easily guide your website visitors to contact you by simply featuring your phone number or a contact form. Or, better yet, create a live chat portal on your website. This will come in handy for many of your clients.

Also, don’t forget to link to your social media pages. Social media sites are fantastic for including information that you don’t put on your website. If you don’t have a large social media presence, you should change that right away. You will attract many clients through social media, so take advantage of it. Above all else, you should definitely have a Facebook page and a LinkedIn profile. This is essential to gaining to clients.

Making your website mobile-friendly is also a good idea. The majority of people own smart phones and use them to search the Internet. Don’t turn people away from your site by not having a mobile-friendly version.

Use videos to attract clients. Videos attract visitors who would rather not read about your services, and would instead prefer to watch something informative. Appeal to all your clients by adding videos to each attorney profile page, instead of just uploading a resume.

Make sure your site has a modern, user-friendly design. Don’t make things too complicated for your clients. Block pop-ups, and make information easy to access with just one click.

Use a PPC campaign in combination to SEO efforts to generate leads.

DL Marketing offers PPC and paid video campaigns as well as SEO work to create branded lead generation campaigns for their clients, at a lower cost per case than lead generation companies. We use cutting edge technology with programmatic ad buying, along with up to date SEO techniques to generate leads for clients across the country.

Work with DLM, create your own lead generation campaign, and you will gain new clients in no time!