Disability attorney marketing

Marketing Law Firm Trends

Marketing Law Firm Trends

Disability law has a huge market, so it is important for a firm to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to do so is to employ some innovative marketing strategies that emphasize how your firm shines brighter than the competition.

Create Longer Pieces of Content

Creating quality content has become a marketing mainstay in every industry. However, the type of content you need to create is changing slightly. Instead of writing small snippets of brief content, the trend is now to create fewer pieces that are longer in length. Think about creating a series of blog posts and case studies. Keep in mind, though, that all pieces of content still need to be well written and informative to be impactful and effective. Three tricks for creating longer content include:

1) Create an FAQ page
2) Get in-depth with your topic
3) Go not just inform, but start building trust

Create a Social Media Charity Campaign

Increasing numbers of disability law firms are turning to social media platforms as marketing outlets. Now, the trend is to add charitable works to the mix. Social media presents great opportunities for disability law firms to reach out to the community, create brand awareness and make a positive impact on various causes that are important to them. Using social media as a charitable outlet for a disability law firm can be as easy as creating a Facebook page, and promising to donate a fixed sum for each “Like” that is gotten in a certain timeframe. Also, it is a great idea to speckle your social media pages with community-based events and positive news to bolster your web presence.

Create Visual Content

Content no longer refers to just written material. Content is no moving more toward visual stimuli as well. Visual content has become every bit as important as the written variety, and it is often more effective. Some ways to make your content more visual include:

1) Creating interesting headers
2) Including testimonials and case results
3) Adding visual aids such as screenshots, videos, and graphs

Resurgence of Email Marketing

Email marketing is making a comeback as an effective marketing strategy. Although it is not the most glamorous strategy, it is incredibly effective and successful. Email marketing has always allowed law firms to stay in close contact with clients, increase the number of referrals they get, nurture leads and build trust.

If you are ready to take your disability law firm to the next dimension with an updated marketing plan, contact DL Marketing today. We are here to help your business succeed.