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Having An Online Presence As A Law Firm

Having An Online Presence As A Law Firm

Law firms today simply must have an online presence and use digital marketing to make your business known. Even though you may have a marketing mix that includes television, radio or print ads, digital marketing is a necessity. It is extremely effective and far less expensive when compared to other forms of advertising.

A successful Internet presence involves a professional website and search engine optimization techniques so potential new clients can find you. It doesn’t hurt to have a social media presence and a great blog. Here are some great tips:

Website: 75 percent of people search the Web for a lawyer, and they will study your website in detail before they make the decision to contact you. Because of this, you need a very professional website that showcases your services, and ideally, it should contain testimonials from former clients. Personal testimonials about how you helped a client with a particular legal issue really resonate with potential new clients, who view choosing a lawyer as a very personal choice.

Blog: A great blog further enhances your online presence, and consistently communicates your grasp of all things legal. It’s a great way to attract new clients and establish your expertise as a lawyer by providing new, timely legal information. Don’t forget that effective blogs have CTAs—a call to action at the end; invite new clients to call your firm or fill out online contact information.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): You can have the greatest Website and blog in your profession, but these won’t be effective unless people can find you. The majority of people use search engines to find a lawyer, so you need to use the latest optimization techniques and strategies to make sure you come out on top of search engine results every time.

Social Media: Even though you have a Website, you should also strongly consider using social media as well. For example, Facebook has become one of the most dominant forms of communication in the world. Use it to show your clients who you are. Make a video to showcase your expertise, or to tell your personal story of why you practice law and how you can help clients. It’s a great way for potential clients to get to know you and it can help separate you from the herd.

The Internet has redefined how lawyers find new clients, and digital marketing efforts can convert visitors to your Website and social media into fantastic new clients.

To be successful, consider partnering with legal marketers like us who understand what you need as an attorney and how to build your online presence. We’ll build you a customized and comprehensive marketing plan that takes into account all the strategies we’ve outlined in this article, and you’ll be well on your way to steadily building clientele for your firm.

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