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How to Build Successful Law Firm Social Media Strategy

How to Build Successful Law Firm Social Media Strategy

Law firms that do not have a viable, long-term social media marketing strategy are doomed to digital oblivion, i.e., relying on word-of-mouth, handing out business cards, or advertising in telephone books to sustain their company. Because there are so many social media platforms visited by millions of people every day, SMO for law firms is best left to social media strategists who know how to engage, activate, and energize the interest of specific demographics looking for services provided by your law firm.

Why Are Metrics Important to Law Firm Social Media Marketing Strategies?

While keeping a close eye on social media metrics is an excellent way to determine if your strategy is working, don’t focus on just one or two metrics, like how many followers your firm has or how many “likes” blogs and statements are getting. These so-called “vanity” metrics do not provide enough information to confirm how well your brand is doing on social media.

Some facts about metrics:

  • Regularly evaluating engagement metrics offers a more complete picture SMO for law firms and whether it is sustainable.
  • An engagement metric called “post reach” indicates the number of individual users seeing a post, how far a firm’s message is actually spreading across Twitter and Facebook, and whether the post is reaching a user’s feed.
  • “Clicks” represent the number of times a law firm’s content is clicked on. They can help understand how social media users are navigating a law firm’s marketing funnel. In addition, tracking clicks are essential for understanding what kind of messaging compels users to click on a firm’s social media content.
  • Hashtags are also considered a type of metric. They can tell you which hashtags garnered the most attention, which ones were associated with a law firm’s particular message and what kind of hashtags increased engagement.

How Is Twitter Used as Part of a Social Media Strategy?

It takes time to cultivate customer relationships on Twitter. Simply tweeting and re-tweeting the latest news about your law firm will not gain thousands of followers and clients overnight. Instead, you will need to develop a good inbound lead generation strategy involving tweets about anything trending that may be relevant to your law firm’s expertise. Also, learning how to compose pithy, compelling tweets that make followers want to engage and retweet can be frustrating and time-consuming. That’s why busy law firms typically rely on social media marketing professionals to handle their Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts.

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