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Components of TV Advertising for Disability Attorneys

Components of TV Advertising for Disability Attorneys

Television advertisements are an effective way for attorneys to attract new clients. There are quite a few steps to consider to achieve that polished and professional end product.

Market analysis
Before you grab a camera and write a script, you have to know who you are trying to reach. Average Americans watch more than five hours of television daily, so you’ve definitely got an engaged audience. But who in that audience is the right client for you? Your current clients are indicative of who your future clients will be, so think about their demographics. Once you know your audience, we will research the channels they like to watch to get you an effective media buy.

Media buy
Ads are bought in sections of time ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and there are several price points that appeal to firms of all sizes. The goal is to broadcast your commercial to the widest possible audience, so know your budget before you start. We will schedule your ad strategically to fit the target audience. After all, scheduling your ad to run at 3 a.m. might save money, but it’s not well spent if your target audience is asleep! We will also schedule your ad at the appropriate repeat frequency to reach your audience at least twice, or ideally even more, and we research TV ratings for the most cost effective media buy.

Ad creation
You need to have one central “big idea” that will make people watch your commercial instead of taking a bathroom break. Script it out. Outline your idea on paper. Watch other firms’ commercials to get an idea of what you do and do not want to do, making note of the tone and pacing you like. Get your message across quickly. And remember, sometimes people will be on a kitchen break, so it’s important that your audio is compelling enough even if they can’t see the TV. Read your ad aloud several times, and cut out extraneous words to get to the point—fast! Your ad must have a call to action—a clear reason and compelling benefit for calling you instead of another firm.

We recommend hiring a professional firm for your production rather than shooting the commercial on your own. A pro can do everything from writing to shooting, and once you have a script, a shoot location and a cast, work with them to plan every shot and make sure you like it before you shoot.

As experienced marketing professionals, we take responsibility for creating the ad, negotiating and overseeing media buys, writing the script, and more. Just remember—television is a crucial element in any lawyer’s successful marketing plan. A TV ad is a great way to gain name recognition and to grow your clientele, and it is especially effective if you are opening a new firm.

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