Disability Attorney Marketing Strategies

Creating a Top-Level Social Security Disability Law Strategy

If your firm intends to make an impact in the law market, preparation is paramount. This concept is highly evident in the field of social security disability law. Walking in with the right plan can make or break a case, especially for larger firms.

Thankfully, we, at DL Marketing can assist with composing the right social security disability law strategy.

Outlining a Strategy

Any good strategy starts with an outline. Social security law is often predicated upon obscure requirements and policies. In order to build a solid case, it’s always wise to gather the specifics from your client.

If your client is older, it’s wise to gather more information regarding their history. Younger clients need less background information as most of their issues are likely recent in nature. It’s also important to determine the precise issue of the case.

If the issue is in regards to death benefits, consider investigating death certificates. For matters related to retirement, consider looking into IRAs and other investments. Educating oneself on the client’s specific needs establishes rapport with your client as well as context. Demonstrating a fundamental understanding of a case endears a practitioner with his client as well as the courtroom.

Identifying Your Client’s Goal

Not all clients are created equal. Rather than one-sided dominance, maybe your client is willing to compromise. You don’t always have to go for absolute domination in a case. With that in mind, consult with your client directly to determine what they’re willing to accept.

Sometimes, the best social security disability law strategy is more in line with a settlement. Clients that are more willing to accept whatever they can get are usually those that haven’t been severely wronged. Subjects with a lot more to lose are more likely to be less accepting of an unfavorable outcome.

Devising different levels of acceptance allows you to better prepare your client for the worst-case scenario as well.

Seeking Advice from Peers

Although the law can seem predatory in nature, it’s largely a collaborative process. Law school can be akin to swimming with sharks, but at the end of the day, lawyers relate best with other lawyers. Don’t be afraid to reach out and consult with old competitors. If a life-long foe can lend solid advice, accept it with open arms.

The goal of any sound social security disability law strategy is to appease the client. If you have to put the case before your pride, so be it.

Be Gracious

In law, you can’t always win.

DL Marketing will ensure you’re always prepared for a poor outcome. On the other hand, we will help you be more gracious when you win. You will see the same judges and same clients more than once, so nothing is worse than a burned bridge.

Implement some of these tips, and you’ll increase your chances of success with every additional court proceeding.