Lead Generation

Generating Leads for Law Firms

For all businesses, knowing how your customers find out about you is essential for growing your company. If you run a professional services firm, you know all too well that you can’t just sit back passively and let people come to you; you have to figure out why people search for you in the first place, and put effort into making more people find you that way. That process is called lead generation, and it’s crucial for expansion of any kind. However, lead generation for your company doesn’t have to be a complicated process; follow these tips to learn more.

Generating Leads for Law Firms

1. Know what sets you apart.

Online (and on paper), there are hundreds of other law firms exactly like yours; the trick to generating leads is finding out what sets you apart and double down your efforts to promote that aspect. That way, you can target a very specific demographic that only you can serve, which will be more effective than simply trying to get more people to look at you than at your competitors.

2. Target certain types of clients.

Just as your lead generation should be targeted to your niche, you should tailor your strategy to the clients that are more likely to come to you specifically. For example, if your expertise is in offering Social Security disability services, find out what sets you apart — maybe you’re particularly geared towards helping people with heart conditions. That said, you should tailor your lead generation efforts at people who frequent forums for this topic and are likely interested in this specific field.

3. Focus on content.

Generating leads is all about drawing people in through content, so invest in making it look good. For example, continuing the hypothetical Social Security disability seeker with a heart condition listed above, you may embed your call to action (calling your firm) in an article about heart conditions that you publish online. This will help you target specific readers who are more likely to actually need your services.

4. Make referrals easy.

Aside from the content you put out, the main way that people find out about your business is from referrals from friends or family who have been your clients. To increase the chance that they’ll refer you to someone they know, make it easier for them — for example, email them a referral form where they can fill out their friends’ email addresses.