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In today’s crowded marketplace, advertising yourself can be a major undertaking. Building your brand and differentiating yourself from competitors can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if aren’t sure where to begin.

For years, there has been a steady saturation of commercials on TV for a variety of law practices, and that trend shows no signs of slowing down. Many lawyers choose to advertise on television because it is still one of the best, most effective ways to reach your audience.

First, the type of clients that respond to broadcast ads for lawyers are typically those who don’t have legal representation and aren’t sure how to get it. These are usually lower income individuals who do not have the resources to secure a legal team when they need one. Studies show that television watching increases directly as median income decreases. While there are many factors for this, the bottom line is that your target demographic is one that spends the most time watching TV. Adding to this is the fact that many of your clients are injured or disabled, and thus spend more time watching television as a result.

The second reason that television advertising works is that it creates a much bigger impact on people. Looking at a print ad or a digital banner doesn’t have the same power as a commercial, nor does it have the same call to action that a TV spot can create. Because a TV ad engages the senses, it leaves a lasting impression on viewers. This is especially important, as many of your clients will have seen your ad long before they need to pick up the phone.

Although the marketing landscape has changed in the last few years, television marketing is still a strong and viable option for firms looking to gain a competitive edge. At DL Marketing, we know what works, we know how to reach your audience, and we offer the lowest cost per case of any other marketing firm. This puts us at the forefront of marketing strategies and allows us the opportunity to make your campaign shine.

Market saturation and high advertising costs are two of the most common problems that any firm faces when trying to increase market share. At DL Marketing, we do the necessary research to determine what is needed to stand out in your area, and to reach potential clients in the most cost effective way.

Additionally, at DLM we have the tools and means necessary to create any TV spot. We have ads with proven track records that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. You can put your trust in our hands, and we’ll take care of the rest. With the proper amount of time, effort, and expertise, we can make your firm rise above the competition. While we specialize in marketing for disability and contingency fee law firms, and can help your law firm grow!