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SEO Marketing For Law Firms

SEO Marketing For Law Firms

No doubt about it—today’s law firms must have an online presence. Regardless of the other forms of advertising you use, like print ads or radio, a digital marketing campaign is an effective, low cost form of advertising in today’s competitive marketplace.

To be successful, your firm needs a professional website and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, preferably from a local firm that provides local SEO marketing for law firms.

And speaking of websites, having the greatest professional website won’t mean a thing without effective SEO. Did you know that nearly 75 percent of people start their search for a lawyer online? Your clients-in-the-making need to be able to find you, so it is important that you employ the latest strategies and techniques.

Major search engines like Yahoo and Google are the drivers behind most Internet traffic, and using SEO will increase your chances of these engines finding your site. There are several ways you can make this happen.

First, most of your site content should focus on your practice area(s). People who search online for a lawyer definitely do their research, which bodes well for you if you have lots of the right site information. You’ll do well in SEO and rank higher because you are the best subject fit for that person’s search. The opposite is true if you have a website full of disjointed information. It is very important that your information be focused, crisp, and clear.

Have you heard the phrase “create a silo”? This basically means to create a way to maximize keywords related to your expertise. It means designing the content for your site as interrelated, themed content to rank higher and get noticed. Since search engines award higher ranks to sites with higher keyword relevancy, the themed content approach is a must. To start your themed content, think about organizing that content as you would chapters in a book. So, if you practice family law, your chapters might be divorce, child support, child custody, and so on.

Another concept to use is called geo-targeting, or choosing a particular geographic location in which to highlight your firm’s services. This technique brings local traffic to your website. Cast as wide net. For example, if your office is in a metropolitan location, think about the surrounding counties that you could also easily provide services to. If you consistently employ this technique, you will see your site move up in the search engine result rankings over time. Once you gain success in your initially targeted geographic location, you might think about casting your net a little wider. You usually can’t go wrong choosing local SEO services for law firms, because they know your area best.

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