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Does Social Media Work for High-End Real Estate Marketing?

Does Social Media Work for High-End Real Estate Marketing?

Relationships matter when it comes to high-end real estate. Establishing contact and staying connected is pivotal to maintaining and growing a business. Social media was designed to help people meet and stay in touch, making it an excellent marketing tactic for the real estate industry. Social media marketing for real estates is a powerful and effective method to reach and engage with clients.

Build a Network

Networking has always been an important part of real estate marketing, and social media simply takes these relationships online. A high-end client likely has contacts in the same exclusive group, and connecting with these contacts helps grow your business. Recommendations are important and social media makes it easy for existing clients to connect their family, friends and other acquaintances with their agent.

Find Your Audience

Different demographics gravitate to different social media platforms. Find the platform, or platforms, your demographic uses and exclusively focus your activity there. For example, your ideal audience may be split between two different platforms, so focus on those two platforms and ignore the rest. Spreading your attention and efforts across various platforms can prove ineffective, especially if your clients are unlikely to use a particular platform.

Target Your Audience

Many social media platforms offer targeted advertising. This is a pay to play service, but this is a great opportunity to reach a specific segment of your audience and ensure your messages are seen. The larger platforms typically provide analytics concerning your targeted advertising efforts, so you can gauge the effectiveness of your outreach and adjust as necessary to improve conversion.

Engaging Content

A captive audience certainly contributes to a successful social media presence, but quality content matters, too. The text that makes up your posts or tweets needs to be compelling and dialed in to interest and engage your customers. Strong content grabs readers attention and gets them to click on a link, leave a comment or like or share your post. You want to engage with individuals, but you also want to increase your reach. When a user leaves a comment or shares your post your information is placed in front of a wider audience.

Putting Hashtags to Work

Including relevant hashtags in your posts increases the odds of the right people seeing your posts. Users interested in a certain area of type of real estate may search relevant hashtags to find what they want. To find the right hashtags and to get a feel for how to create effective hashtags do some research. Find competitors or other brands that are reaching out and engaging with clients and take note of their hashtags. Incorporate relevant hashtags into your posts, but also get creative and make up your own.

Integrated Campaign

Social media is a way to steer clients to your website. Posts can catch a reader’s interest, pull them in and make them want to learn more about your brand and what you have to offer. Use that opportunity to direct followers to your site. Once at your website visitors can learn more about your business and the properties available. Branding and tone between your website and all social media platforms should be consistent to create a cohesive experience that high-end clients expect.

Using Social Media Marketing for Real Estates

When utilized properly social media is an excellent tool high-end real estate agents can use to find and meet clients. Connecting with clients online expands the reach of a real estate brand and funnels clients and prospective clients to the agent’s social media page and possibly even their website.