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5 Quick Real Estate Marketing Strategies for Success

Every month, more and more people try their hand at real estate — and why not? For the right realtor, there is virtually an unlimited amount potential for clients and sales. However, with so many people trying their hand at real estate, it can be a tough business to get into. That’s why a good marketing strategy is essential. With proper real estate marketing, your listings and your agency can be out in front of the eyes that need to see it. Here are five marketing strategies for your real estate agency.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies

1) Email
In today’s digital age there are tons of apps and websites out there, and while some of them are useful, the old tried-and-true methods can often be just as good, and email is a perfect example of that. By building your email list and sending out regular and informative messages, you can keep your clients up to date with the latest in the market. Make sure to include pictures and other multimedia elements to your email, and encourage your recipients to forward them to people who might be in the market for a new home.

2) Facebook
Of course, the digital age has brought new technologies, and social media is by far the most popular of it all. While it’s not the only social media platform that people use, Facebook is still by far the most popular. Just like email, it’s a way to get your name, as well as listings, in front of potential customers’ eyes. One great thing about Facebook, though, is the ability to “boost” posts. By spending just a little bit of money, Facebook puts your postings in front of hundreds of extra eyes, reaching a much larger audience than you would ever be able to on your own.

3) Property-Specific Websites
You can now create a website for each property on your list. Something as simple as www.123elmstreet.com can be easy for buyers and other agents to find online and share.

4) Professional Photographs
Many agents today make the mistake of just snapping a handful of DIY-pictures on their phone before posting a listing. This is a mistake, however. While phones today can take great pictures, you can never underestimate the eye of a professional photographer when it comes to getting the right shot. The money you spend for those pictures can lead to much higher interest on the part of potential clients.

5) Be Mobile
Whatever content you decide to post online, make sure that it is all optimized for any sort of screen. Phones, tablets, laptops or e-readers — every screen is important, and can lead to interest if the display appears correctly. Make sure you are taking all clients and their preferences into account!

Whatever your strategy, real estate marketing is not a hit-and-miss game. Take the time and plan your strategy — it will pay off in the long run!

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