Disability Attorney Marketing Strategies

Top Marketing Mistakes Disability Attorneys Make

Top Marketing Mistakes Disability Attorneys Make

A disability law firm faces tough competition from thousands of other disability lawyers seeking the same clientele — people unable to work due to a serious physical or mental problem who have been turned down by the Social Security Administration. To stand out and be noticed by disabled individuals searching for a disability law firm they think can help them requires more than just a website or Facebook account. In fact, it demands an exceptional disability law marketing strategy that consistently provides long-term, powerful results.

What Kind of Marketing Mistakes Would a Disability Law Firm Make?

Disability lawyers often make the mistake of hurriedly implementing a flimsily conceived and poorly executed marketing strategy that immediately falls flat. Examples of inferior disability law marketing strategies include the following:

  • Automatically pushing out boring, repetitive blog posts onto social media feeds without regard to timing. Or, publishing a blog once every two months on your website. Google does not like static websites. Google likes websites that are consistently publishing fresh content.
  • Promoting services multiple times in one post instead of hyperlinking contact information to another post, guide to services or other informational content.
  • Thinking quantity is better than quality. Social media users don’t want to (and won’t) read five blog posts coming from your account in one day. Inundating potential clients with passive, generic information about your services leads to social media user burnout.
  • Not targeting your audience properly. People trying to get their disability claims approved don’t want to read about disabled celebrities or clinical information about diseases and disorders. They want to know how they can get their claim approved as quickly as possible and what they can do to facilitate approval of that claim.
  • Breaching disability law marketing ethics by misleading people with exaggerated or false claims and overpromising potential clients with unwarranted expectations.

What Should Disability Attorneys Do When They Don’t Have Time to Develop and Sustain a Marketing Strategy?

Busy law firms dealing with disability claims rely on professional marketing agencies to manage their social media marketing plan so they can concentrate on their business. Contact our agency to learn more about how we design marketing strategies specifically for disability attorneys.