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2 Keys to Make Your Disability Law Firm’s Web Site More Effective

2 Keys to Make Your Disability Law Firm’s Web Site More Effective

The Nielsen Norman Group did a study that found that many users will stay on a Web site for less than one minute — with most leaving in ten to 20 seconds. That means that your disability law firm needs to make a good first impression as soon as a prospective customer visits your Web site.

Their study showed that users might only read about a quarter of the home page’s text, and found that if you want to keep a visitor you need to “communicate your value proposition within ten seconds.” To do that, there two keys to Web site design you can incorporate today to see results tomorrow.

Graphics Go a Long Way

Graphic design might seem like a daunting world, but making sure the graphic elements of your Web site are up-to-date makes a significant impact on your Web site’s effectiveness.

Good graphics, like a logo, high-quality images and photographs, and embedded audio or visual pieces, go a long way when it comes to improving your brand recognition.

Look for graphics that tell the story of your business:

● Your header should include your logo. The colors should coordinate with your logo, and should pull the colors fro the photos you’re using on your front page.

● Front-page images should invite your visitors to learn more about your business. The photo should be composed with warm and exciting colors.

● Be yourself by using photos that reflect the vibe and values of your law firm.

Content Can Make a Difference

When you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your visitors, make sure that your content gets right to the point. Use words that are compelling and direct. Avoid using filler words that can unnecessarily distract your readers from your services.

A strong call to action uses language that that tells your Web site’s visitors exactly what step you want them to take. To do so, make sure that your menu options and buttons are descriptive and clear.

If your disability law firm wants to give your Web site an overhaul, give us a call. DL Marketing has the experience and know-how to take your Web site to the next level. We can not only enhance your design, but incorporate SEO techniques and strategies that will get your site seen by more prospective customers. Contact us today to get started.

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