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How Disability Lead Generation Services Can Help You

How Disability Lead Generation Services Can Help You

Trying to increase your caseload? Hire a firm to generate Social Security Disability (SSD) leads for you. It’s a great way to grow your business.Here are some marketplace distinguishers to help you ensure you’re choosing the right lead generation firm.

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1) Number of leads: How many leads has the firm generated specific to SSD thus far? Going forward, how many leads are generated on a weekly basis? These are starting figures to give you an indication of how active the firm is.

2) Quality: How does the firm generate leads? Quantity is great, but they have to be good, quality leads. Ask the firm how they do it. How many sources do they have, and are they good sources? A typical SSD lead generation firm uses multiple avenues—websites, social media, television and radio—to generate leads.

3) Conversion: A firm can have quantity and quality but they have to seal the deal by converting the leads. You want a dynamic firm that constantly reviews its sources and only keeps the ones that generate high quality leads. This will help you wisely spend your marketing budget and get more bang for the buck.

4) Responsiveness: You want a firm that will quickly interact with any potential clients who contact them by phone or fill out an online contact form. Ideally, the firm should also offer customer perks like free case evaluations with an experienced SSD attorney. And after the evaluation is performed, the firm should quickly send you the lead, ideally the same day or next day.

5) Focused Attention: Large lead generation firms work for hundreds of lawyers, so make sure your firm will get noticed. Ask them how you compare with their other clients and what they’re going to do specifically for you. You’ve given them your criteria—ask them how they’ll perform for you. How many leads will be directed your way? What process do they use to fairly divide leads among all their client firms? In short, a good firm should offer you a customized lead portfolio that is all your own, based on claimant age, current medical treatment, or other criteria you deem important.

6) Tools of the Trade: Free resources such as tips for leads and a customized portfolio are a given, so choose a firm that has them. Some businesses even offer access to their client services team and client management software packages.

The devil is in the details. How much “metadata” will accompany each lead they forward to you? Is it just standard contact info or will you get a case description and summarized details? It makes a huge difference.

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