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Understanding SEO Marketing for Lawyers

Understanding SEO Marketing for Lawyers

Lawyers are often intimidated by SEO. But, that does not need to be the case. The key to mastering SEO is understanding it. The following information will provide lawyers with the basics of SEO that can be implemented by any firm.

Common mistakes
Although understanding SEO is not difficult, there are some common mistakes that lawyers can make when they are first starting out. They key to avoiding these mistakes is to know what they are so they can be identified and averted.

• Poor use of keywords
• You’ve used the wrong “experts” and it is getting you nowhere
• You have not spent enough time on your SEO efforts
• You have delegated SEO responsibilities to the wrong staff member
• You have not paid enough attention to your analytics

Set goals for your SEO campaign
When you begin your SEO campaign, you need to have a complete vision of where you want to go with it. When you establish your goal from the start, it will be easier to get there in the end. Ultimately, you want to grow your firm by bringing in new clients and improving your bottom line. Therefore, you want your SEO efforts to accomplish the following tasks:

• Improve your firm’s visibility
• Move your firm’s rankings up to the top of the list for your selected keywords
• Steadily increase traffic to your website
• Put your firm ahead of local competition

How do you get there?
Now that you know where you want your SEO efforts to take you, you have to figure out how to get there. Here are some easy steps you can take to improve your SEO results

A) Claim and verify your local directory listings
This task requires only about five minutes per listing. All you have to do is accept a mailed verification to prove your association with your physical address.

B) Collect positive reviews from satisfied clients and trusted colleagues
The reputation of your law firm is a major factor in turning potential clients into actual ones.

C) Create social media accounts
You need to have more than just a LinkedIn page these days. Create a professional Facebook page, Twitter Handle, and Instagram for your firm. Allow your potential clients to find you wherever they may be.

Once you have the basics of SEO down, it will not be long before your potential clients will be clamoring at your door wanting to give you their business. If you need help getting your SEO campaign off the ground, contact DL Marketing today. We are here to help you make your firm the best it can be.

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