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Disability Lead Generation

Disability Lead Generation

In a highly competitive field like disability law, finding qualified leads in today’s online world requires business savvy and technical expertise. Many law firms turn to lead generation firms to give them the increased traffic that is required to keep them ahead of the competition.

But how do you know if you are truly getting your money’s worth from your business lead generation service? The most important consideration is that the firm you select specializes in representing law firms and has a proven track record in generating qualified leads.

The website is the bedrock of the online community. Your service should have a comprehensive website development team that is not a cookie cutter firm whose last website was for a bakery or a travel service.

However, it does no good to have a website if nobody sees it. Search optimization in today’s Google world is absolutely critical. Your service should be able to handle all of your internet presence with a comprehensive, integrated approach. Yahoo, Bing, Yellow Book, Facebook, Four Square, Twitter and LinkedIn pages are only the beginning. The internet is constantly evolving and your service should know what cutting edge new opportunities are available.

Finding you in the online universe also means that if you are investing in direct response and pay per click sites that your service knows which one is the best for you and what percentage of your budget should be devoted to these activities. Just because a service can produce a direct response advertisement does not necessarily mean it can get enough qualified responses. Ask to see results from previous campaigns and don’t just look at the pretty pictures and catchy slogans – ask them what the response rate for the program was.

Of course, Google is the mothership of business opportunities. But since 91% of google users don’t go past first page, you will need a firm that is a Google expert who knows how to utilize Google Analytics and Google Mobile.

No matter what service you use, they must be able to track results in a comprehensive way that means you don’t just get a monthly report on activity. You should be able to track your results up-to-the-minute so you can adjust your approach instantly.

Another important aspect is that the software should be easy to use by anyone in your office. It should not be so complicated that you are the only one who knows how to navigate it.

And finally, it should give you the maximum information possible on a potential lead so that when you talk to the prospect, you have the best possible chance to convert that lead into a client.

There are lots of lead generation services that will be happy to take your money. Do your research so that you are certain you are getting the maximum amount of qualified leads regardless of the size of your budget.