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Online Marketing for Lawyers: Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Online Marketing for Lawyers: Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Many folks begrudge social media as a frivolous indulgence for silly millennials; however, those that do are missing out on a great way to market themselves and their businesses. Social media is a brilliant way to reach a large audience in a short amount of time and for the least amount of money.

Social media is especially useful for lawyers and law firms because they can have an open dialogue with their client base as well as potential customers. While it is a great tool, you first must know how to use it effectively; otherwise, all of your hard work will be a waste. The following are some tips and techniques for using social media for your business:

1. Utilize Content Marketing
Many law businesses have jumped on the content marketing bandwagon; however, it means nothing if nobody is reading the blog articles. That is where social media comes in. Using social media to expand on your content marketing techniques will help you spread a wider net and generate buzz. The goal is to reach more people and grow your client base.

2. Easy Research
You can find just about anyone and anything on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so lawyers can use it to their advantage. Social media has definitely made research easier. Whether mining for evidence or researching a juror, lawyers should appreciate how much easier these websites can make their lives.

3. Networking 
Are you looking for a shiny new litigator for your law office? Do you hope to be hired at a prestigious law firm to join after graduating from that uber expensive law school? Professional social media websites like LinkedIn will help you connect with professionals. It is essentially an online résumé. Facebook can also be a good tool for this purpose, but make sure you clean up your social media before using it professionally.

4. Cast a Wider Net
Of course, you should also be using your social media accounts to attract customers. Facebook and Twitter make it easier for potential customers to open a line of communication with lawyers. Furthermore, Facebook allows you to make a group or a page for whatever you need, which can reach a lot more people as they can join or like your group or page without having to be friends with you. Twitter uses hashtags for the same purpose.

If you remain stubborn on the issue, you are losing thousands of prospective customers. So, ask your teenage children or attend a seminar (or webinar) on all of the features of social media, and start growing your business today.

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