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Modern Digital Marketing for Lawyers Effectively Builds Your Firm’s Brand

Modern Digital Marketing for Lawyers Effectively Builds Your Firm’s Brand

In the quest to find a lawyer, searchers tend to look to friends for recommendations. In fact, over 36 percent of attorney-client relationships begin this way. However, young early-twenty-something as well as high income earners prefer the Internet as a resource.

In other words, digital marketing is worth a look.

Both referrals and Internet searches for attorneys reveal a common underlying theme: Trust. Yes, trust building precedes the choice-of-attorney decision. In fact, it is the number one factor in selecting legal services. Simply put, trust needs to be part of your brand.

Think of it this way: What comes to mind when people hear your name or the title of your law firm? If reliability and trust do not rise to the top, you lose clients.

But, how do you establish trust before you even meet a client?

Honorable work and solid referrals evidently draw the recommendation of previous clients. But, what about the wealth of prospects outside these relationships? Digital marketing for lawyers spans the gap to reach those not connected with your previous clients.

How so?

Let’s consider a few methods.

A consumer searches Google for information on accident proceedings or claim filings and comes across a range of blog posts addressing these topics. If you are among the top offerings, your language and quality post content breed trust. You become familiar to the reader. Furthermore, this information is not forced on prospects but allows them to find it in their research which gives a sense of trustworthiness.

Social Media
Jumping into the pool of social media gives you as a lawyer the opportunity to exhibit expertise before engaging with clients. And, social media does so with a good return on investment. This low-cost marketing option proves effective if confidentiality related to online interactions is addressed. And, again your trustworthiness and brand are built.

SEO Content
When you conduct a Google search, which articles are you most likely to click? The top findings, of course. Time and perceived trustworthiness cause searchers to do so as well. Landing your web page high in search engine rankings requires quality, SEO content. And, it gets you noticed. After all, page two is rarely viewed.

In Sum, A Digital Strategy
Knowing your goals for digital marketing and knowing the brand image you want to portray helps you layout a strategy which works for your firm. Research, trial-and-error and testing further define what benefits you by building your brand and thereby, drawing more clients.

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